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Photo of Robin Boozer
Robin Boozer
Director of Sales Hyatt Place Cleveland Independence
Home 6025 Jefferson Drive Independence OH Home Phone: 216-328-9089 Home Phone: 678-591-3890 Website:

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New to the Cleveland area, I joined the Hyatt Place Cleveland in late December after relocating from Atlanta, Georgia. I have enjoyed an expansive career with Hyatt Hotels and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company in various cities including: Atlanta, Charlotte, St. Louis and Columbus. My husband, John and I look forward to settling in and making Cleveland our new home. We enjoy time with our two daughters attending college in Georgia.

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Photo of Jennifer Cabic
Jennifer Cabic
Naturopath, Master Herbalist Wholistic Integration, LLC
Home 100 Maple Hill Drive Chagrin Falls OH Work Phone: 216-402-4121 Website:

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Jennifer started having anxiety and panic attacks in her early 20’s. Doctors wanted to put her on meds but could not tell her why all of the sudden she started having them. She took her health into her own hands and started researching nutrition, supplementation and essential oils. Jennifer was able to assist her body to heal itself and that is how she went from her “old” profession and became a Board Certified Naturopath.

Jennifer implements all she has learned using an individualized approach to helping her clients; tailoring therapies and programs to help restore homeostasis in all systems of the body. She is passionate in getting to the root of the problem as opposed to symptom management as well as helping people embrace their body’s ability to heal.

Categories: Independence, Naturopath - Holistic Health
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Photo of Debbie Jones
Debbie Jones
Reiki Master, Energy Practitioner The Ideal Method
Home 6595 Brecksville Rd, Suite 3 Independence OH Work Phone: 216-536-9426 Website:

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The Ideal Method helps women find peace, balance, comfort, and clarity. We use a variety of healing practices including Reiki, Earth-Heart Healing, and Eden Energy Medicine to help bring your body and mind into a deep state of relaxation helping you release stress so your body can begin the process of self-repair and find physical and and emotional relief from stress related conditions.

As your energy becomes balanced and harmonized to it’s natural state, you will begin to experience physical and emotional improvements and find the peace and clarity you have been looking for!

Categories: Holistic Health and Wellness, Independence
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Photo of Lisa Nickel
Lisa Nickel
Realtor eXp Realty, LLC
Home 5060 Bringham Dr. Brunswick OH 44212 Work Phone: 440-567-1362 Website:

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I am a full-time Realtor with an emphasis on customer service. I was licensed in 2000, and I love what I do. It is so satisfying to assist my clients with one of the biggest financial decisions that they will make in their lifetime. I understand the confidence that they are bestowing upon me, and I take that to heart.

If you refer someone to me, you can be assured that I will take their hand and lead them through the buying/selling process as I would my own family. I will represent them in a professional manner, and my goal is to build a relationship that will last a lifetime.

On a personal note, I live in Brunswick, and I am married to a wonderful man. We have one daughter who is our pride and joy, and we enjoy spending our off time with friends and family.

I am always available for questions, and I look forward to serving you and those that you refer to me.

Categories: Independence, Real Estate, Real Estate Agent
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Photo of Cassandra Pyles
Cassandra Pyles
Owner/Photographer Blush Bloom Boudoir
Home Cleveland OH Home Phone: 3304749146 Cell Phone: 3304749146 Website:

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Hi I’m Cassie and I love making ladies feel gorgeous, sexy and confident! My passion is working with ladies of all shapes and sizes creating beautiful images of them and helping them to bloom into the confident beautiful ladies they are even though sometimes they forget it. I believe every woman deserves to love herself for exactly who she is and I am here to show every lady I can that she is gorgeous, sexy and amazing! I am all about body positivity, self-love, and the empowerment of women! I am a business boss babe who is dedicated to serving clients from all over and giving them an experience that will change not only how they feel about themselves but also help them to be more confident in all aspects of life. Armed with confidence and a positive attitude a woman can do anything and an experience with me helps ladies to celebrate themselves with a day of pampering, fun, and beautiful images to remind them daily how amazing they are. In addition to the benefits all my clients experience that also have beautiful images to give as a gift to the love of their life for any occasion.

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Photo of Bridget Richard
Bridget Richard
Owner/LISW-S Lamplight Counseling Services, LLC
Home 6133 Rockside Road, Suite 403 Independence OH Work Phone: 216-455-5571 Cell Phone: 216-287-6549 Website:

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Lamplight Counseling Services was established to meet the emotional and mental health needs of today’s individuals and families. From children with school difficulties to adults suffering from trauma or depressive symptoms we are able to tailor our services not only to the challenges our clients face, but to their goals for their future.

Categories: Independence, Mental Health
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Photo of Alicia Vasquez
Alicia Vasquez
Graphic Designer/Illustrator Alicia Vasquez
Home 3536 Tolland Road Shaker Heights OH Cell Phone: 469-207-6656 Website:

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Alicia Vasquez has been a practicing artist and designer for over ten years. She majored in Illustration from the Cleveland Institute of Art and works professionally as a graphic designer and visual storyteller.

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