Sep 022011

By Emily M. Kelly, CEO of Rainmaker Consulting, Fairlawn, Ohio.

In the last issue, we talked about starting with a firm foundation driven by a vision [statement] for your business. This month, I want to talk with you about the next step in forecasting a strong business plan unique to your brand. And that starts with defining your target market.

I meet with small business owners on a regular basis and I am continually shocked at how few actually have in mind who their ideal customer is. A potential client told me recently, “I sell to commercial and residential, so everyone is my target market.” Statistics show that on average ONE in TEN small businesses have a defined target market. Of the other nine, six of them go out of business within the first year  – compelling evidence that should drive every small business owner to examine “who their ideal customer is.”

Don’t think of it as who COULD I sell to … think of it as “who do I WANT to sell to?” Who is the ideal person that needs what I have to offer, can afford it, will pay what I want to charge, on time and be grateful for my help? Many small business owners try to catch “everyone” and spend an enormous amount of time, energy, effort and money driving at the general population hoping to “catch” a client. I believe that you can spend less time, energy, effort and money by first defining who it is that you are trying to “catch.” I often say, if you think of marketing as a fishing trip, the target market is what kind of fish you want to catch, the branding is the lure, the message is the bait and the channels are the body of water you choose to “fish in”.

If you don’t care what kind of “fish you catch”, you can cast your line into the ocean all day and maybe you’ll catch something. But if you want to catch trout, it’s a whole lot easier when you go to a lake stocked with trout and use the bait and lure that trout like. Your results will be even more fruitful if you do it during their feeding time.

We will talk more next time about “where to fish,” “what bait to use” and when the “feeding times are” … but for now, I encourage you to evaluate who buys from your brand the most. What gender, what age, what geographic location, what lifestyle, what income level?  All of these criteria help you come up with your ideal client.

As always, I am wishing you all the very best. You can read more about Rainmaker’s Insights on my blog:

Emily Kelly, Fairlawn Chapter
CEO, Rainmaker Consulting

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Aug 012011

By Emily M. Kelly, CEO of Rainmaker Consulting, Fairlawn, Ohio.

330-603-0086 * *

A wise Person once said, “Without a vision, the people perish.” And the same is true in business.

The first step in establishing your marketing strategy, is to start at the beginning and look ahead to where you want to be because if you don’t know where you are going … how will you ever get there?

What is yourvision?

Here are some helpful questions for defining your vision statement.

  • What does your company hope to make of itself in the long term?
  • What are your highest aspirations for your business?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What is the greatest good that you hope to achieve?

A vision statement is a short phrase, but it defines the long range objectives that establish the purpose for which the organization exists.

For example, the vision of Rainmaker is this: “Motivated by a desire to create a positive impact on the local community, Rainmaker Consulting aims to increase the visibility and revenue of local companies through enhanced sales and creative marketing strategies.”

Each and every part of your strategic marketing plan should stem from your vision statement. If the marketing plan is a train, the vision statement is the engine. It keeps the rest of the strategy on track and headed in the right direction.

As Henry David Thoreau said, “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.”

We will talk more about putting the foundations under them in the next edition. But for now, I encourage you to start casting your vision, as it is the number one most important component of any good, solid brand strategy.

As always, I am wishing you all the very best.You can read more about Rainmaker’s Insights on my blog: You can contact the Rainmaker, Emily, at 330-603-0086 or by email:

Emily Kelly, Fairlawn Chapter
CEO, Rainmaker Consulting

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Jul 152011

You can advertise your business with either half or full page editorial with your article professionally edited and designed in full color. By participating in Women You Should Know, you will also be invited to be featured in a group photo shoot for the women in this featured section. The photo layout in Medina County edition will be featured on the front cover, Cleveland West and Medina editions group photo will be on a premier placement page within the publication. Ask your rep for details.

As a WWC member you receive a savings of $500 OFF the 1x rate for a full page, savings of $300 OFF the 1x rate for half page.  Don’t miss this opportunity.  Deadline for the AUGUST SEPTEMBER ISSUE is closing soon – Call TODAY!

Kelli Cole-Wagner

Medina County Women’s Journal – Brunswick Chapter

1287-B Ridge Road

Hinckley  OH

Work Phone: 888.749.5994
Cell Phone: 216.244.5715
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Jun 122011

Are you still unclear as to whether or not you should consider participating in Social Media?  Are you wondering what to do with your profile now that you created it?  Are you ready to jump on the Social Media train before it leaves the station?  If so, read on . . . As a WWC member you enjoy a multitude of benefits . . . now you can add this one to the list!  For the months of June and July, Tina Thelin, of Wise Consultants Group is offering a 20% discount when you register for a training session at The Wise Academy.  Classes are priced at $39.99 for two hour sessions and $79.99 for four hour session.  Package and group rates with special discounts are also available for WWC members.  The Wise Academy is located in Cuyahoga Falls.  Special discounts apply to training held at The Wise Academy ONLY.  Special classes can be scheduled at your office or a more convenient location for groups of a minimum of five participants.

We offer classes on Strategic Marketing using Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Constant Contact, WordPress Website Creation, Graphic Design, Branding Development, Image Consulting, Business Etiquette, Writing and Presenting a Powerful 30 commercial, and more!

Tina Thelin
Partner in Charge of Social Media

Wise Consultants Group, Ltd.
Work E-Mail:

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Mar 102011

Companies Acknowledge the Need for Social Media Marketing

But not all of them know how to use the tools.

 02.18.2011– Most companies know that they need to use social media to market their business. But they are not sure what social networking sites to use or how to use them.

Some companies use their valuable productive time to create a personal Facebook account and upload their logo and use the company name as the name of the account and then wonder why later Facebook deletes the account. Why does the company create a personal Facebook account instead of a business account? Because they do not know how to set up a business page on Facebook.

Some organizations create a group on Facebook and then once they start using it they realize when they post, their personal Facebook account is displayed. Again this is the only way that they knew how to do it.

 I see so many business Twitter accounts set up with 5 followers (one is their Mom)and they have sent out 30 tweets. All of the tweets are about their specials. Why? Because they do not know any better.

Maybe because it is FREE to set up these accounts. And generally speaking it is easy to set up an account. All it requires is an email address and a password (for Twitter) or a personal Facebook page (for Facebook).

 But what should your profile picture be? What should your bio say? What link should you put on the profile?

It is best to hire a professional. I do not fix my own roof, or attempt any type of plumbing on my own. Because I do not have these skills.

A good social media specialist will evaluate the types of marketing that you are doing now, come up with a strategy and plan out how they are going to help you with your internet marketing goals. This will probably include training (I hope).

Should you use YouTube to market your widgets? What about Facebook ads for your non-profit? The answer is – it depends! What about QR codes and mobile media marketing, sounds like fun. Should I jump in?

Please people. don’t go it alone. Productivity is a terrible thing to waste.

Call me (Julie D’Aloiso) at 216-534-7467

Julie D’Aloiso

Spidercat Marketing – Nordonia Team
Work Phone: 216.534.7467


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Oct 112010

“Times they are a changing!” I am very excited these days in talking with businesses. I can offer so many ways for them to connect with their customers.

90% of all text messages are opened within 1 hour.  More and more, businesses of all sizes are discovering the power of mobile marketing.  The ability to connect and engage in one-on-one direct communication with a client has an unlimited potential to grow your in-house list, increase your profits and expand your marketing horizons.

We at SpiderCat Marketing will continue to create websites, blogs, twitter accounts and Facebook fan pages. We will still teach you what you need to know about social media, set up a strategy for you to follow and help you manage your accounts.

But now we can also help you set up a mobile media marketing strategy! With this new system, you can send text messages to your customers that have opted in. You can also run contests, raffles, or have people text to donate!

Another cool thing: People can also access your mobile business card.

You can test out this option! Right now text the word “spidercat” to 90210 to see what I mean!

Click here for more information about this new mobile media marketing revolution!

Contact me for more info

Nordonia Team

Company: Spidercat Marketing

Phone: 216.534.7467



Mobile Media Marketing:

Or Text the word “spidercat” to 90210 !

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Aug 102010

You Can Take Control of Your Brand !

You can keep an eye on your brand. If there is old unflattering news on the search engines about your company, you can upload new positive info at the top of the search engines. You can also see what people are saying and get to the root of a problem that you might not even knew existed. Did you know that Google Places will allow you to respond to reviews? Read more info here.

Competitor Analysis – What are they doing?

Social media is a great place to check out the competition. You can see what people are saying about a certain topic or company without following or friending them. You can also see what other companies are posting and interactions that they are having with their clients and potential clients.

Read more tips on how social media marketing can help your business

Julie D’Aloiso

Nordonia Team

Company: Spidercat Marketing

Phone: 216.534.7467



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Get Noticed

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Jul 092010

Women You Should Know

The possibilities are endless when you share your expertise with The Women’s Journal readers.

Be featured, be noticed and get more business. In the August/September issue, The Women’s Journal will publish a featured section, “Women You Should Know” that will give you an opportunity to share the heart of who you are, share what special services you offer within your business or practice, make a difference in the lives of others, and grow your business. You can participate with either half or full page editorial and the editorials will be professionally edited and designed in full color. By participating in Women You Should Know, you will also be invited one day to the Cleveland Women’s Show at the IX Center in October click here for more info or contact Tara for more info!

Tara Haley  Wadsworth Team

Company: Medina County Women’s Journal
Phone: 330.722.5788 – Office
330.338.1209 – Mobile

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Why Market to Women?

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Mar 072010


In the United States women are responsible for 3.7 trillion dollars of consumer spending and 1.5 trillion dollars of business spending! states that women spend .75 cents of every family dollar!

The following are some interesting facts regarding the purchasing power of women:

  • Women Purchase 83% of all products and services.
  • Women directly Purchase or influence the purchase of 91% of all new homes.
  • Home furnishings 94%
  • Home fix up: More than 55%.
  • Bank Accounts: 89%
  • Travel: Majority of consumer travel and approx. 50% of business travel.
  • Health-care Services: Women make 80% of health care decisions.
  • Home Computers: Women account for 66% of all home computer purchases
  • Vehicles: 50% of all new cars and trucks
  • Consumer electronics 51%
  • Health: 65% of herbal remedies, vitamins and minerals and 80% of all healthcare.
  • Women’s spending power is greater than the entire economy of Japan.

Building Relationships with Women Consumers is key to gaining their trust and their business.

Women don’t need a stereotype “pink bow” approach, however research and empirical evidence indicates buying and relationship behavior differ between sexes.

Women utilize the “Enabling Process” to reach a decision.   This is a three stop process women typically use before making a purchasing decision.

  1. Information Gathering
  2. Learning
  3. Sharing and Comparing

The Women’s Journal’s mission is to empower women through knowledge.  The Women’s Journal can help you and your business reach this market.  The articles are designed to educate, empower and energize women.

The Women’s Journals are bi-monthly publications.

We provide quality educational articles written by local professionals and business owners on a variety of topics of interest to women of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicity.

The Women’s Journals are committed to supporting non-profit and charitable organizations in the community. TWJ has done so by donating large portions of space in their publications to build community awareness of these organizations and the causes they serve. I have a passion for helping business owners develop and implement a strategy to help you gain a return on your investment, and highlight your story & business to educate and impact  female consumers. “Women are not a niche market. We are the market!”

Tara Haley

Women’s Journal

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